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Rounded cornered blinds are offered to customers as a child safety precaution option, as well as adding a unique touch rather than the traditional cornered blinds.

Cloth tape blinds offer a more luxurious look to our blinds, they come in a variety of colors upon request.

Blind Product Detail

We recommend for large windows to have two or three blinds on one headrail to prevent warpage from happening. warranty will not be applied to those who prefer one complet blind.  

Available at any custom size, valance returns brings a luxurious side view to an inside, or outside mount blind to an uncovered headrail.

Pre-corded hooded tilters prevents the cords from getting caught  for a smoother operating blind; meaning less repairs.  

Clear slat clips, is our newest addition that allows better closure for 2" and 2 1/2" blinds.

Child safety is our number one priority. Therefore, we introduce you to our breakaway tassels. Easy to break in the case of an emergency and easy to assemble. Warranty will not be applied to those who request to not have the regular tassels.

Routless Blinds is a unique option to go with if the customer whats more privacy and limited light. With only having notches, the slats are eaisier to remove for cleaning purposes.

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